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Now more than ever, I worry: what will I do when Adventure Time ends for good?

Used to be I’d look at where I was and think about where I’d want to be/need to be and bemoan the distance between the two and feel like the effort and time would be difficult, but at least I had a map, and it was pointing me in a general direction…

Now I look at where I am and think about all the places I am supposed to be, and they’re scattered points of a constellation only the ancients could squeeze into affiliation with one another and discern a shape. Any move I make feels more forced than forceful, and I can’t tell what’s gained at the end of it.

And why move? Why go forward? I don’t get any of it. I don’t recognize this.

Apr 9


PuppyCat’s Fairy Tale (Guitar Cover)

Thanks to Tazzlyn for being awesome and making this.

See more of Tazzlyn’s work on his YouTube channel!


I haven’t gushed about Bee and Puppycat here enough. But this is just darling. A guitar cover of a vocaloid song.

Apr 8

To all my neighbors: you got much flavor.

- Montell Jordan, age 9, Halloween.

Apr 6




But sometimes…


Anniversaries are a time to ponder.

Anniversaries are a time to ponder.

Apr 3
Somehow these three things feel causally related.

Somehow these three things feel causally related.

Just did it.

Just did it.

The network has turned the show into a franchise behemoth, and it’s easy to get lost in the fan worship in order to see the incredibly sophisticated artistry that merits it. But make no mistake: ‘Adventure Time’ remains of the most creative television shows around…

- Eric Kohn, IndieWire

I understand why people break up with the people they love rather than try to endure what seems to be an insurmountable challenge to a relationship. It seems easier to handle.

I’m waiting, now, waiting for eight days to pass because the woman I love and want to never be apart from is going to leave and start living in another place. Neither of us want to stop being together, but we each have things we need to do, and we can’t do them with each other. We have to make some strides forward. And I think, as hard as it is to admit, it’d be easier to accomplish these things apart than it would be together. At this moment. And for these specific things. 

Not for everything, not forever. Not for long (hopefully).

These are realizations I think we both have arrived at ourselves, and as a couple. We’re both appreciative of the gravity of it all. And the wisdom of it. We’ve got that truth tucked into the back of our brains and when we look at it, it makes sense. And it’s okay.

Still. I’ve got eight days now, and then she leaves my side, my home and my state. And holy shit that is UNFAIR. It sucks and it hurts. And it’s going to suck and hurt for a long time.

That pain is going to be deep and pungent, and it’s going to be very hard to ignore in the moment. In the moment it’s going to feel like maybe I should have made a different decision. Maybe I should have gone with her, or begged her to stay. I’ll have cold moments when I will feel sure that it would have been easier if we’d made it the end, instead of the start of a long, hard interruption.

I’ll come back to this thought, when that happens, and remember that it would have been wrong to do that, so we didn’t.

I get why it happens though.

I love you, Finley.

Adventure Time Art Book Pre-order Stealz


I totally need the bazoobs out of this.

I couldn’t agree more, good sir.

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My Subtle Yet Cunning Plan for World Domination

Step 26: Give pet cats the legal authority to revoke their owners’ suffrage rights.

Double-sized Lemongrab, new Steven Universe, and new Rick and Morty tonight. I am SO ready.

Mar 7
Oral Love is dead?
…Well, that sucks.

Oral Love is dead?

…Well, that sucks.

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